How to Treat Molluscum the Organic Way

Is your child suffering from Molluscum contagiousum but doesn’t want to undergo painful medical procedures? This skin problem can be irritating and somewhat psych0-problematic in that one’s self-esteem is drained off. Molluscum Away is one of the organic products you can use to get rid of this itchy infection. After using molluscum Away patches, here is my honest review.


What is Molluscum contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum is a contagious infection that mostly affects children’s little skins. The rashes are painless and can resolve on their own without treatment. However, you can seek medical attention if the large bumps are located on your neck and face.

Molluscum Away Review

My son had several molluscum, and they kept on spreading. I made sure I took a photo of each molluscum for future comparison. The worst were clustered on his face, and they looked terrible.

He complained about how kids were picking on him and wanted to stay home even during school days. I started using molluscum Away after finding numerous positive reviews on Google. I was hesitant at first but decided to try using molluscum Away patches.

By then, I had gotten tired of visiting different dermatologists. Each dermatologist could give me different treatments, and nothing seemed to work. Instead, the molluscum kept spreading.

Some dermatologists even told me there was nothing they could do about it. I was desperate because the infection had spread to other parts like his private area, thighs, and stomach.

That’s when I decided to search for alternative remedies. Before discovering this product, a friend suggested applying apple cider vinegar to dry the molluscum out. At first, ACV could work, but immediately the current molluscum dried out, other huge ones would emerge.

My package arrived, and the first thing was to read the description. The box indicates that Molluscum Away products are non-toxic, natural ingredients that eliminate and soothe irritating skin rashes.

For example, the Molluscum Away patches I received indicated that they were made of Paris Polyphylla, Hyaluronic acid, Root Extract, Sophora Angustifolia, Focus Vesiculosus, and other organic products.


How I Used Molluscum Away Patches

Using these patches was as easy as 1, 2, and 3. I followed the steps below when using the patches.

Step 1

First, I’d clean the infected area and dry it thoroughly. I patted all Molluscums dry using a soft, dry towel to avoid irritating them more.

Step 2

Next, I gently peeled the patch and placed it directly on the affected bump, and I made sure not to overlap the patches.

Step 3:

I pressed the patches firmly for about ten seconds so they could firmly adhere to the skin.

Step 4

I left the patches intact until they started falling out independently. I didn’t bathe my child when the patches were still on.

I ordered three packs for a start since my son had many molluscum. Honestly, I didn’t see results on the first day but decided to continue using them. I’d replace the patches after every twelve hours, and the good news is I started getting results. The nasty clusters on his little face were fading away.

I aired the affected areas for some minutes before placing the next patch. I also dabbed the infected area using peroxide before placing the next patch. I secured them using a waterproof bandage because I realized the patches were falling off when my son played.

My son’s body stopped itching, and the rashes started fading away. I noticed that the bumps would turn red and appear large and scary. They’d then disappear entirely after some days.

Some were stubborn, and I used more than five patches to see positive results.

I realized that molluscum spread quickly in baths and towels. I’d advise you not to use the same towel twice to avoid spreading the virus to the uninfected area. Also, don’t let your child scratch the rashes because they will spread.

So far, I have made five purchases, and honestly, this product is a lifesaver. I regret to have wasted much money buying other creams that didn’t help. I remember a dermatologist tried using the painful chemical routine; however, the procedure didn’t work and only left scars.

I must agree that the patches are a bit expensive, but they’re worth each penny. I would recommend molluscum Away products over and over again. I even shared the results with my pediatrician, who was very impressed, and he promised to buy a few products to recommend to people with similar infections.

Finally An Easy Way To Make

Molluscum Run Away!

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